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Science Museum

Spring Break Stay-cation!

We headed to the science museum in St. Paul. I thought it would be fun because of the dinosaur exhibit. The boys had fun, but it was definitely meant for the older kiddos. It also reminded me that while I am fairly equally right brained vs. left brained, science is not my thing!

Check out my studly news boys! I can just imagine if they were delivering the news there would be more giggles than actual news being reported!

The boys’ favorite part was the dino dig excavating kits we got at the museum. They spent 2 hours on them (uninterrupted!) and even FORGOT about their 2:30 afternoon snack. That never happens!


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March Madness

This post is a random mix of what we’ve been up to in March. I  am still on maternity leave and we’ve been soaking up this time. I wish I could bottle it up!


Mack started rolling over from his front to his back. He also continues to grow entirely too quickly! This handsome hat is one of two that I have from when the boys were little. The big boys got hair cuts and came home with “faux hawks”. They didn’t want to wash their hair for days. The mainly wanted their friends at school to see their new do. It finally got warm enough to take Snuggles out of the house. He loves the fresh air – don’t we all! The boys picked up right where they left off with their bike riding. These bikes actually are starting to look a little small for them. Geesh! They have been very interested in their golf clubs this Spring. Always wanting to hit the balls around. And Mason’s daily outfit includes at least one sword in the back of his shirt. In the outdoor photos he’s dressed like a ninja playing golf. Cracks me up! It wouldn’t have been right without a big snowstorm. The flakes were gigantic and so I had to take a few pics. Fai continues to be a very special and important part of our family. She’s quite the cook. No, cook doesn’t do it justice. CHEF! She needed some pictures taken of her cooking for a class project so I was happy to be able to do that for her. And I’m glad to have them as well – so many fond memories of her wonderful meals. It’s so great to be able to have someone who understands how important healthy eating is for the family and be able to help execute! And, it just wouldn’t be right without a project of two going on. Ben decided to tear out some old shelving in the garage – he loves projects! I’ll be glad when our house projects are done. We’re going on 3 years of straight projects. We’re essentially done inside the house – just need to finish up some outside projects. And Grandma Julie came to visit! The boys love reading books with her.2014-04-15_00042014-04-15_00052014-04-15_00062014-04-15_00072014-04-15_00082014-04-15_00092014-04-15_00102014-04-15_00112014-04-15_00122014-04-15_00132014-04-15_00142014-04-15_0015



April 15, 2014 - 6:57 pm

Beth Hoden - I love how Mack is blowing bubbles in two of those pictures! So cute. And I think I want to come over next time Fai is cooking!

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Mack: 3 Months

The interaction at this age is so much fun. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would be to have a full term baby verses 35 weekers. Mack is so much more fun at this age than the twins were! Baby noises are the best.

He’s starting to figure out his hands – and he thinks they are pretty cool! And he officially rolled over a few weeks before the 3 month mark. He’s sleeping pretty well at night and we’re trying to get into a routine. I’ve been boycotting routines during this leave – mainly because my life was a strict routine/production with the twins. It’s been nice to be a bit more laid back.

He’s seriously the best baby. I can’t believe he’s mine!

No stats this month – he’ll get weighed again at 4 months.



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P&M’s 5th Birthday Party

This party was with friends. Friends, folks. Not family. These two are growing up entirely too fast.

The invite list consisted of friends and neighbors. 25 to be exact!

Menu – we had a few snacks and cake for the kiddos. “My Gym” as it is called does a great job of organized structured play for the kids. The boys had so much fun!

We didn’t open presents at the gym. When we got home and brought them all inside the boys mysteriously knew what was inside several of them. Just from shaking and lifting and sniffing (and peeking!) I was shocked! As they opened the presents that came from their girl friends I heard “I hope this isn’t something girlie!” Oh boy.

Let’s see. Where do I even begin to document what I want to remember about Prior and Mason as 5 year olds. They still love their mom however I’m currently sharing best friend status with another five year old named Claire in their class. Yes, a GIRL! This happens to be the same girl that Mason held hands with during their Christmas concert in December. At this point I would guess they are “going steady”.

Mason continues to be the more athletic one. He always wants to be throwing or kicking a ball. Prior is the more thoughtful sensitive one. He’s always concerned about following the rules. Once I told them the police wouldn’t like it if they weren’t wearing their seat belts. That statement put the fear of God into Prior and he always makes certain the entire 5 point harness is 100% buckled before we even think about starting the vehicle.

Speaking of car seats. I am officially declaring the “they can buckle themselves” as my favorite milestone. Sure – walking was cool and potty training saved us money on diapers. But the buckling and unbuckling x2 in the dead of winter is miserable. I’m very thankful that the boys are able to do this! Hurray!

If you look closely to the photos of the boys blowing out their candles you’ll see that Prior letting Mason hog the candle blowing. This is life with these two. When it is just the two of them, Mason is the boss. He’s more strong willed. And theres actually very little fighting because disagreements usually end in Prior giving in. Interestingly, when the twins are in a group of friends we find that Prior is more likely to be the leader (first born!)

They hate getting their toe nails cut. I told them if they don’t get cut they could grow into their skin. Prior, the rule follower, has anxiety about that so is very quick to suffer through a nail cutting session.

They’re adjusting very well to having Mack around. They’re really grown up and are very helpful when we ask them to grab something from another room. They’re still napping 1-2 times per week. At their 5 year check up Mason is actually 1 pound and 1 full inch bigger than Prior. This is the first time there’s been a noticeable difference in their size.

I did continue the tradition of using the same rounded cake pans for their individual cakes. 5th year in a row – yeah! It was fun making these ninja turtles. I just made sure we peeled off all the fondant before the boys dug in. The sheet cake was from Jerry’s!

Almost everyone gave the boys something ninja turtle themed. And shockingly there were no repeat gifts. We were shocked! The boys are lucky to have such fun friends.




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Insta-December 2013

The much anticipated month of 2013. The completion of our major remodeling project and the arrival of our little Mack. What a special month.

(not all of these are in order!)

Refinished wood floors…mom’s boots…A ninja turtle birthday party for some special twin friends…a new pair of glasses (we only broke one pair in a year – I think that’s a victory!)…art projects (do you think that plant has enough plant markers?)…hockey on the pond – skating and hockey lessons paid off!…making baked spice ornaments with the boys reminded me of making them when I was a little girl…decorating a birthday cake for Fai and celebrating her birthday with her after her trip out East…a growing belly…maternity photo shoot before the first big snowfall of the year…decorating for Christmas…hot chocolate after skating…switching glasses with my brother (can you tell!?!)…the birth of our incredibly special Mack…making Dad’s birthday and celebrating with him…visitors from Iowa to meet the new babe…making Christmas cookies…mailing Christmas cards…moving back in to the main level of our house…a Christmas concert at school – Mason was seen holding hands with his girlfriend during the concert….enjoying the foot bath…and the “reachy grabbies” from Container Store are super fun to play with…meeting puppy Harley (not our puppy!)


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