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P&M’s First Day of Kindergarten!

If these fotos tell you anything, I hope it’s how incredibly EXCITED these two were for Kindergarten. They could not wait to ride the bus and be “big boys”. For the first two weeks they came out of their rooms in the morning (at seven zero zero of course) fully dressed with the biggest proudest smiles on their faces. They did not want us to follow the bus to school on the first day but they did agree to let Ben and I “meet them” at the school after the bus arrived. I keep thinking how cool it would be to have an identical twin! So special.

In just a few short months I’m amazed at what they are learning. You go boys!!


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In June we went back to the farm. We celebrated Great-Grandma R’s 80th birthday, Baby Frank’s second birthday, and Mack’s first trip to the farm.

Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys new overalls for their birthday and they couldn’t wait to wear them while they worked on the farm. The boys even got to spend some time on the farm without Mom & Dad – they did really well and had such a good time. I love that the boys will have these memories on the farm! And it’s such a fun place to take fotos, breathe in the peaceful Iowa farm air, and enjoy the quiet sounds of the country life.


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Baby Frank’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Baby Frank’s birthday with orange balloons this year – the color of his nursery. I purchased a balloon for each boy. I should have known to get an extra! In the first photo you can see Mason starting to not really hold on to the string. Then you see his balloon stuck up in the tree. And in the third picture his eyes are red from crying and he’s holding Mack’s balloon. Thankfully Mack was just fine without his balloon!

We sent our balloons up to heaven and I know Baby Frank was looking for them on his birthday. We are so blessed to have our little angel looking down and watching over us. As we say in our nightly prayers: “God is Great, please take care of baby brother and have baby brother watch over us – Amen. We love you Baby Frank!”


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Easter 2014

I have such fond memories of dying easter eggs as a kid. It was usually at my Grandma Wall’s house. And guess what? Those little yellow pyrex dishes are the ones we used at her house. I am so lucky to have them for my family to continue the tradition! We even had an easter egg hunt in the back yard. I also bribed the boys with something sweet for the photo-shoot pics. Fai made the cutest bunny hat for Mack:-)

Easter Eggs-001Easter Eggs-005Easter Eggs-008Easter Eggs-012Easter Shoot-001Easter Shoot-005Easter Shoot-007Easter Shoot-008Easter Shoot-009Easter Shoot-011Easter Shoot-012Easter Shoot-013Easter Shoot-014Easter Shoot-015Easter Shoot-017Easter Shoot-019

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P&M’s Preschool Graduation

These two. Little 5 pounders to pre-school graduates in a blink of an eye. Their preschool class this year was full of some really really really good kiddos. Everyone got along and every time I was there it was amazingly calm.

The boys’ preschool teacher, Ms. Klein, chose one word to describe each of them and she is spot ON:

Mason: “spunky”

Prior: “tender”

Mason reported that he wanted to “serve his country” when he grows up. Prior reported that he wanted to “be a welder” when he grows up. The interesting thing is that Prior often asks if careers or jobs make a lot of money or not. “Mom, does a construction worker make a lot of money?” Clearly he’s the son of two accountants:-)

Preschool Grad-001Preschool Grad-003Preschool Grad-006Preschool Grad-008Preschool Grad-011Preschool Grad-012Preschool Grad-016Preschool Grad-017

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