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Mack’s 1st Haircut!

Mack ditched the mullet in January, just after his first birthday. Much sooner than his big brothers! I think they sported the mullet until they were nearly 2. The experience at Kids’ Hair was fun but I wasn’t happy with the cut. We should have driven back to see Aunt Cousin Jess! Thankfully it’s growing fast! Thank goodness they had bubbles – there’s no way he would have sat in that chair without them!


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4th of July 2014!

Turns out December is the best time to post about our trip to Brainerd last summer! Seeing these fotos warms my heart. It seems like everyone  we know in MN either has a cabin or has family with a cabin. After renting  a cabin for a week two out of the last three years, we know why. The memories created and the time spent together is invaluable. The boys still talk about the cabin we rented 2.5 years ago (it has some super cool secret rooms up in the A-frame loft).

This year our reservation was at Grand View Lodge and after arriving we found out they had booked us in a cabin that was entirely too small for all of us so we hopped on VRBO and found a gorgeous twin home just a few miles away on a smaller lake. My dad had borrowed a boat and we had a blast. We had smores, mohitos, some beach time, sunset cruises, we rented jet skis for a day, played games, played golf, ate pizza at Zorbaz, learned kettle bells, went fishing, and just enjoyed FAMILY. One of our 5 year goals is to purchase a cabin four ourselves that we can continue to build family traditions and memories. And keep it in the family for generations to come. I have boys you know. Boys grow up and move away! I need as many reasons as possible for them to come back!

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P&M’s First Day of Kindergarten!

If these fotos tell you anything, I hope it’s how incredibly EXCITED these two were for Kindergarten. They could not wait to ride the bus and be “big boys”. For the first two weeks they came out of their rooms in the morning (at seven zero zero of course) fully dressed with the biggest proudest smiles on their faces. They did not want us to follow the bus to school on the first day but they did agree to let Ben and I “meet them” at the school after the bus arrived. I keep thinking how cool it would be to have an identical twin! So special.

In just a few short months I’m amazed at what they are learning. You go boys!!


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In June we went back to the farm. We celebrated Great-Grandma R’s 80th birthday, Baby Frank’s second birthday, and Mack’s first trip to the farm.

Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys new overalls for their birthday and they couldn’t wait to wear them while they worked on the farm. The boys even got to spend some time on the farm without Mom & Dad – they did really well and had such a good time. I love that the boys will have these memories on the farm! And it’s such a fun place to take fotos, breathe in the peaceful Iowa farm air, and enjoy the quiet sounds of the country life.


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